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Taxation Services

What to bring to your appointment

It’s always best to come to your appointment prepared as it can be very frustrating for you if we are unable to lodge your return because something has been forgotten.  Below is a quick reference guide for the majority of information that is required to lodge an Individual Tax Return.


PAYG summaries (previously Group Certificates) Payment summaries for pensions or annuities Payment summaries from Centrelink Bank statements detailing interest earned Dividend and dividend reinvestment statements Managed fund annual statements Term deposit statements Buy and sell contracts for  shares and other assets for the current year

Work related expenses

Details of depreciable assets purchased (e.g. laptop) Receipts for professional journals, magazines, memberships, subscriptions Continuing professional development receipts Home office expenses e.g. interest, telephone, mobile, electricity etc. Vehicle log book for business motor vehicle expenses and receipts Uniform receipts

Other expenses

Receipts for donations to registered charities Expenditure for managing tax affairs Income protection insurance premium statements Private health insurance premium statements Medical expenses paid out of pocket School building and library fund levies

Rental properties

Annual statement from property agent Date when property was purchased Details of depreciable assets bought or sold during year Other expenses not on agent statement e.g. water, land tax, insurance etc. Loan statement for property mortgaged Period property was rented out during year Details of any rental income received not on agent statement

Other information

Spouse date of birth Details of any superannuation contributions for spouse Details of any superannuation contributions if self employed Instalment Activity Statements lodged Amount of HELP debt or Financial Supplement loans outstanding